My Campaign

Family Wage Jobs

Seth’s working hard to diversify Crook County’s economy through Tourism, Technology, and Manufacturing, while standing up for our Natural Resource and Agriculture foundations.

Crook County Values

Our community is filled with people who trust God, respect the Constitution and honor our land. As a fourth generation Crook County resident, Seth understands the importance of preserving those values for your family and his.

Fighting For Our Forests

Seth was the first elected official to red flag the Oregon Wild proposal and call for a NO VOTE. Seth believes we must remain vigilant in protecting access to our public lands. He will make sure that your voices are heard.

Long Term Budget Planning

Our county receives your tax dollars, and Seth knows you expect them to be used efficiently. Careful planning and a transparent public process will help us understand how the decisions we make today affect us in the future. Seth has been advocating for long term budget planning for the last four years, and needs your help to make it a reality.

Transparency and Accessibility

We know that our citizens are busy working and can't always attend court meetings. We have implemented night meetings and we have our agenda and meeting packet posted online prior to our meeting. Now people will know when and what we are going to be discussing in regards to the issues that affect them and are better able to testify. My cell phone number (541-447-6672) is on my website, and I let people know I want to hear from them. I take calls 7 days a week because people's problems don't always happen Monday - Friday 9-5.

Public Safety

Keeping our families safe is one of our most important jobs. While other counties have slashed patrol services we have prioritized maintaining them. Our sheriff has done a great job of running a lean department and running it well. We are going to continue working to make sure that we keep our families safe and send a strong message to our criminals that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Campaign Events

  • 24
  • Guest Appearance at "Whats Brewing"

    Appearing as a special guest, along side other candidates.

    7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
    Meadow Lakes, Prineville
    7:00 AM
  • Lunch with Local Media Group

    Taking questions from the media before a public lunch event.

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    26 Main St., Prineville
    12:00 PM
  • 5
  • Community Center Opening

    Official dedication of the new community center

    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    123 West End Rd, Prineville
    10:00 AM